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Apr 11

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Apr 3


I can’t believe that happened today. I am so thankful my husband was home with us otherwise I would have been a wreck! I’ve never been so scared in my life! The only gun shots I’m use to hearing are hunters hunting not someone killing others.

Extra prays and thoughts go out to a special family that is close to our hearts.

Mar 15

I feel like

A ball of emotions. I just want to cry my eyes out, scream as loud as I can, punch something. Ugh!
I miss my mom already, her flights delayed so there she is sitting at the airport 10 minutes down the road. I wish we would have just went to Dallas.

I want this baby out! I’m so fed up!

There is not one bit of anger towards my daughter, I’m just an emotional wreck.
Thank you Tumblr for listening

From this day forward

I will be sitting in my house like a big ole grumpy bear until the hospital calls to tell me I can go in to have this baby.
Dropping my mom off at the airport later today. I feel like someone punched me in the chest.

Mar 13


Well looks like my moms heading home not meeting her granddaughter 😥 I could literally cry my eyes out. It’s the most bummed feeling ever! I’m feeling resilient and don’t want anyone around our baby until she can meet her Grammy. My heart is broken!

Just wondering

When Tumblr became a “who can get the most followers” I get so annoyed when these girls who think they are popular on here get upset after someone unfollows them.. Who cares? I don’t even think I have 10 followers so im pretty much writing something for the heck of it.

Maybe people don’t like reading about you getting to have sex with your boyfriend you haven’t seen in three months. Get a life!

On a side note, I’m officially past my original due date now too and my mom leaves in three days. Pretty much could cry my eyes out right now!

Mar 11

Seriously about to cry

I’ve tried pretty well every natural way to help kick start labor. I know they come when their ready but being over due sucks! My mom leaves in less then a week and I wanted more then anything for her to be there and help me along the way.
I truly feel sorry for my husband this week, I am miserable and just want to cry my eyes out!

Mar 10

I give up

On this baby. I’m going to be pregnant forever!

I hate waiting
I’m too impatient
I just want my baby
My mom leaves in a week!!

Come on baby!!!!!!

Mar 1

Sports sports sports

I’m seriously about to bash my head against the wall
Hurry up baby, mommy needs some sanity!

Feb 24

I really wouldn’t mind

Going into labor any day. I can’t walk, can’t sleep. I just want our baby here !

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